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Can Unlocked iPhone use Prepaid SIM Cards?

Can't you Use an Unlocked iPhone to use a Pre-Paid SIM Card?


Now that Apple is selling unlocked iPhones that are not tied to a specific mobile carrier, you may be wondering if you can use an unlocked iPhone with a Prepaid mobile service.  The answer isn't straight-forward. If you're brave, you can try to hack the iPhone in order to get prepaid service for your iPhone. There are a few sites detailing how to unlock the iPhone and then activiate a prepaid service, such as AT&T GoPhone, in order to work around the system. But in doing this you run the risk of decreased support, and possibly even violating your warantee. That is a risk many customers may not be willing to take.



So how does it work? Is it worth the risk? What if your iPhone breaks? Follow the link to find out...




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