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Top 5 Reasons Americans Want a Prepaid iPhone

Why do consumers want a Prepaid iPhone?

Prepaid cell phone service has become extremely common around the world. For many people, a prepaid phone plan is more convenient, more accessable, more affordable, and more responsible. How? I'll explain by presenting the following Top 5 Reasons America Wants a Prepaid iPhone.  Follow the link to read on...


Top 5 Reasons America Wants a Prepaid iPhone

1. A Prepaid iPhone is More Convenient

Many customers find the traditional process of receiving a paper statement bill each month to be cumbersome and low-tech. With a prepaid phone, you get exactly what you pay for. It's more natural and intuitive way to purchase a commodity like cell phone minutes, and for this reason it's not done in many other commodity businesses. What if your gas station charged you at end of each month for all the gas you consumed?

2. A Prepaid iPhone is More Accessible

There is a huge number of people who will not be approved by AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon for post-paid billing. Usually this is because they are credit-challenged, don't use credit, or otherwise have a poor credit rating. Another reason is that many people purchase prepaid celluar phone service for their kids-- especially for teenagers, pre-teens. They do this because they want to place a cap on how much the phones can be used.

These customers-- most especially the teenagers and pre-teens-- still want to be able to use the latest devices such as iPhone, but unless AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon or another carrier offers it to them, they have no way to do so.



 3. A Prepaid iPhone is More Affordable

Many customers do not use their cell phone very much, but without a pre-paid iPhone, the only way they can use an iPhone is to sign up for a plan that is more-expensive than they are willing to commit to. As a result, these customers are left out in the cold and Apple and the mobile carriers are losing sales. 

4. A Prepaid iPhone is More Responsible

In today's credit-obsessed economy, many customers have come to learn their own limits of spending. And with the wide availability of ringtones, games, wallpapers, and applications, not to mention text messaging and voice calls, the iPhone has the potential to get very expensive very quickly, especially with limited ability to track their expenses. Using a pre-paid phone solves this problem by allowing customers to pay what they can up front, and then use the service as slowly or quickly as they want.

5. A Prepaid iPhone is More Secure

Many customers may have suitable credit, and may be fully willing to sign the contract and pay the fees-- but have a different concern. In today's information-centric environment, with identity theft and fraud seemingly always on the rise, many customer are placing a higher importance on privacy. Those customers are not comfortable registering their name and identity with a big corporation such as AT&T, and prefer making their phone purchases and service commitments anonomously. These customers enjoy the secuirty that comes with not having to provide their personal contact information, and would benefit from a prepaid iPhone.